With any proper training session every have the right music. Here are two custom playlists we sometimes use for classes.  First playlist is a mix of funk, rock and instrumental favorites. The 2nd is clean classic Hip-Hop favorites that many Fayetteville Bboys & Bgirls will hear through out there dance career. 

Warm-Ups & Drills

Upper Body

Lower Body

Upper Body

5 Styles in Breaking


Outlaw Step, Outlaw dance, Outlaw Spin, Salsa Spin, Spreads, Hustle Step, Salsa Step, Salsa front, Salsa back, Frontal Step, Back Step, Kick Step, Indian Step, Cross Over, Charleston, Running Man, Marches, Gliding Spreads, Side Step, Apache Step, Indian Step


 1-step aka Coffee Grinder or Helicopter, 2-step, 3-step, 3-step quick, 4-step, air 4-step, 5-step, 6-step, 7-step, 8-step, 9-step, 10-step, 12-step aka scrambles, CC's, knee spin, knee rocks, spiderman footwork, kick outs, sweeps, baby/mini swipes, air hooks, shuffles, casper shuffles, zulu spins, skateboard, ninja spin, triple ninja aka (swipe to freeze), russian taps, sliding taps, russians, hooks, thread spin, reverse step, track 2 shuffles, ness glyde, born kicks.


baby freeze, air baby, head freeze/ headstand, tripod, frog, spider, crab, turtle freeze, handglide freeze, baby freeze scissor/switch, transfers, nike, L-Kick, Pike, Elbow freeze, Elbow Plant, side freeze, chair freeze, air chair, back-bends aka bridge, shoulder freeze,bboy stance, the W, suicide


windmill, backspin, headspin, turtles, crickets, UFO glide, Handglide, baby walker, cockroach, Deadmen's, master swipes, one legged master swipes, 1990, 2000s

Flips & Tricks

Cartweel, Handstand, Back Flip, Front Flip, Rainbow, Monkey Flip (Valdez)